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Become a zitouna payment mandated agent

An IZI Agent is a person or company mandated by zitouna payment to provide payment services to customers, such as account opening, cash deposits, withdrawals and fund transfers. Agents also inform customers about the use of their accounts.
Who can become a zitouna payment agent?
Any merchant is welcome to apply, but there are certain minimum requirements that applicants will need to meet to be successful. Please contact us for more details.
What do I have to do to become a zitouna payment agent?
If your application is accepted, one of our teams will be assigned to you and will help you through the process, which will cover the opening of your agent account and any required training or technical setup.
Typically, the onboarding process takes a few weeks.
Will I have to pay anything to become a mandated agent?
There is no fee to become a commissioned agent.
How do I make money as an agent?
  • IZI brand ambassador.
  • Additional income / revenue stream.
  • Increased sales due to increased traffic at your location.
  • Get a commission on every customer registered FULLY on IZI.
  • Earn a commission on each registered customer deposit.
  • Earn a commission on every registered customer withdrawal.
  • Earn a commission on every Transfer initiated by a non-registered client to a registered client.
  • Earn a commission every time a customer buys phone recharge or pays a bill through the IZI platform.
How much money can I earn?
The more customers you sign and the more transactions you make, the more money you earn. When you become a new zitouna payment agent, one of our team will contact you for more information on commission rates.
What equipment will I need?
Agent accounts can be managed very simply using our web or mobile Agent application on your cell phone or on that can be provided by Zitouna Payment. During our onboarding process for new agents, we also provide the necessary signage for your location (to identify you as a Zitouna Payment agent).
What support will I get as a new zitouna payment agent?
Once you become a zitouna payment agent, our team will visit you regularly to make sure everything is running smoothly and to address any issues you may have. You can also call zitouna payment customer service for advice.
How do I register new customers at zitouna payment?
New customers are registered using a form based on account level (1,2 or 3). You will receive copies of the form as part of your agent start-up package. The customer must also show you the required identification documents, which you copy, scan or photograph to send to zitouna payment with the registration form.
How do I make a cash payment for an IZI customer?
Simply select the "Cash In" option in the main menu of the IZI Agent application. You will need to enter the recipient's phone number (or choose from your phone book contacts), select the deposit amount you receive from the customer and enter your PIN.
How do I make a cash-out for an IZI customer?
Select the "Cash-out" option from the main menu of the IZI Agent application. Enter the customer's phone number and the withdrawal amount.
You will receive a notification to credit your agent payment account with the total cash-out amount. When your customer receives a withdrawal notification on their IZI app, the transaction is complete and you can give them their money back.
How can I check my agent account balance?
You can do this by clicking on the "History" button on the IZI Agent app. Simply enter your PIN and your balance is instantly displayed.
How can I see my transactions?
Through the IZI Agent application, you can see a record of recent transactions, showing the details of each transaction, including the commission earned.
How do I manage the cash flow required to be an agent?
IZI has a comprehensive liquidity management solution for agents, which can be tailored to your individual business needs (based on your typical transaction volumes). One of our teams will discuss this with you when you become an agent as part of the onboarding process.


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